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Wafer Type Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Flow Meter, Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Wafer Type Electromagnetic Flow Meters (Jaloagh)

MANAS has introduced a new economical series of Electromagnetic flow meter., considering water as the most important utility in any industry. To know your water consumption not Just by assumption but by correct instrumentation. JAL-OAGH provides the solution. It is the most suitable full bore electromagnetic flow meters for water and waste water treatment plants.


These flow meters are dedicated for waste water management system, sewage & effluent water measurement. These flow meters are mainly categorized into two i.e. Threaded & Wafer type. Threaded is available from DN 25 to DN 65 i.e. Jal-oagh 100 Series while Wafer is available from DN 50 to DN 200 i.e. Jal-oagh 300 Series
Wafer Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Jaloagh)
Principal advantages of JAL-OAGH :
• Small in size, Light in weight compared to other magnetic meters in its class
• Full bore electromagnetic flow meter with absolutely no restriction to flow
• Has a typical accuracy of ±0.5%.
• Measurement is independent of the velocity profile across the pipe
• Measurement results are independent of density, viscosity, pressure, temperature, solid impurities and conductivity variations (above 5µ S/cm for MFT-01& above 20 µS/cm for (SMART JAL-OAGH)
• Fits in between the flanges of the pipe which makes it the most compact solution for flow measurement.
• Compatible virtually with all corrosive and non-corrosive liquids.
• It is a very cost-effective and economical flow meter as compared to other flow meters in its class.

• Effluent Treatment : Untreated as well as Treated Effluent Water Measurement.
• Sewage Treatment : Waste water measurement, Sludge measurement etc.
• Water Supply Schemes : Raw water as well as treated water measurement.
• Boiler Feed Water Measurement.
• Chemical Industries : Measurement of acidic & alkaline chemicals & slurries.

1. Metering tube
Jal-oagh 101(Threaded-Rubber)
Jal-oagh 102(Threaded-Rubber-SMART)
Jal-oagh 301(Wafer-Rubber)
Jal-oagh 302 (Wafer- PTFE)
Jal-oagh 303 (Wafer-Rubber-SMART)
Jal-oagh 304 (Wafer-PTFE-SMART)
2. Meter Size
DN 25-DN 65 (Threaded)
DN 50-DN 200 (Wafer)
3. Media Pressure
Upto DN 80 - PN - 40
From DN 100 - DN 150 - PN - 16
DN 200 - PN 10
4. Media Temperature

Rubber Liner 0 - 90 °C max

PTFE Liner 0 -150 °C max

5. Operating Temperature Range
0-50 °C
6. Material of Construction
a) Flow Tube: SS 304 (non-magnetic)
b) Electrodes: SS 316, Hastelloy'C
c) Liner: Ebonite, PTFE
d) Body material: SS 304 /C.S.
7. End Connections :
Threaded: BSP/NPT (M)
Wafer: DN 50 - DN 150 Meter to be
sandwiched between Two ANSI 150 class Flanges.
DN 200 Meter to be sandwiched between two BS10 Table F Flanges.
8. Power Supply to field coils :
Pulsed D.C.