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BTU meter for chiller application, SERIES : BTU-100L

BTU 100 L is a versatile compact energy totalizer extremely useful for measurement of energy conversion. It measures the thermal energy required for air conditioning. It accepts 3 inputs, each one from a flow meter for chilled water, inlet temperature sensor and the outlet temperature sensor. From this it calculates the thermal power and energy consumed in maintaining the temperature at given level. 9 digits are available for total energy and four digits are available for instantaneous power reading. The engg. Unit can be selected by user, either as KW & KWH Or BTU / Hr & BTU

Advantages :

  • Compact Wall mounting design with IP 65 Enclosure.
  • 16x2 LCD for total energy as well as instantaneous power.
  • Display of chilled water flow, power temperature available.
  • Choice of mounting either on inlet or on outlet as per site conditions.
  • Choice of Engg. Units : KW or BTU.
  • Data storage up to 1 year with hourly storage facility with real time.
  • Storage can be viewed by scrolling keys.
  • Serial Interface with computer through MODBUS RTU.

a) 4 - 20 mA from flow meter
b) RTD, PT - 100 (Inlet Temperature)
c) RTD, PT - 100 (Outlet Temperature)
Isolated 4- 20 mA proportional to power output.
16 x 2 LCD, 9 digits for total energy & 5 digits for instantaneous power.
Totaliser Backup
Back up for total energy provided on power failure for 2½ years
Power Unit
BTU / Hr or KW Configurable
Energy Unit
BTU or KWHr Configurable
Key Board
4 no. of keys for programming of parameters.
± 0.25% of F.S. w.r.t. inputs.
Operating Temperature
0 to 50 °C.
Temperature Drift
± 0.015 % / °C
Relative Humidity
90% R.H.max. Non condensing.
Data Storage
4900 readings (Hourly Logging) as standard feature.
9800 readings as an optional feature.
Log View
Possible by scrolling of keys.
Fault Condition
Indicated by various error codes.
Comm. Port :
RS 232 or RS485 as per customer's choice with MODBUS RTU Protocol
Power Supply
85 Vac to 265 Vac, 50 Hz, single phase.
Aluminum Die cast housing with IP65 Protection. (Wall Mounting)
220 mm (L) x 120 mm (H) x 90 mm (D)

BTU Meter For heat transfer application, SERIES : HET-100L
  • Suitable for Thermic fluids like HYTHERM 500, HYTHERM 600, DOWTHERM A, DOWTHERM T etc.
  • Output in terms of 4-20mA which is proportional to Power obtained.
  • Communication Port (supports MODBUS-RTU) & Data Logging facility.
  • Password protection on all programming modes (except display mode) to avoid wrong programming by an unauthorized person.
  • Display of 16 x 2 Big Characters LCD with BLUE Backlight.
  • Buzzer indication for faults/Error with blinking LED (Programmable).
  • Fault Conditions - Indicated by different Error Codes.
  • Accuracy of ± 0.25 % of Full Scale.
  • Ingress Protection : IP67